Sprouting Arches

Positioned as McDonald’s most exciting new menu item of 2013, the Signature McWrap, made with fresh ingredients like lettuce and tomatoes, gave people an exciting and unique way to enjoy a meal at McDonald’s. For the launch, McDonald’s wanted to surprise and delight guests with this new menu item, encouraging trial and highlighting the freshness of its ingredients.At one of the busiest McDonald’s in Vancouver, a ten-foot tall pot was installed under the Golden Arches. Sprouting out of the pot were giant replicas of tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce – the fresh ingredients found in the new Signature McWrap. These “Sprouting Arches” caught the attention of guests and those passing by, announcing that the new McWrap was made with fresh ingredients. To further support the initiative, coupons made to look like plant tags were seeded in existing pots and planters around the city, spreading the word of the McWrap’s arrival.